Warriors of Peace

A one year training for young teamplay talents in soccer, icehockey and other sports.

With a powerful mix of online and presence training.
Bring your teamplay to the next level.
Evocative Leadership for Teams
Are you interested?
A training journey for young teamplayers and a dojo for evocative captains in spring 2021

Do you want to learn how to bring the best out of your teammates and yourself?
Do you sense that you could become a better teamplayer?
Can you imagine that your team could be much more together as a collective?
Are you tired of ego-games and energy-sucking conflicts?
Do you want to be a better captain to bring your team to the next level?

Then these training journeys will be offering you the mindset, the tools and the support you are looking for.

Warriors of Peace I & II

A Warrior of Peace is a human being that knows that balancing the one's own interests with the collective needs and dreams of a team is essential to evoke the powers, talents and gifts in each single player and member of the team for winning together.

A Warrior of Peace is aware that one has to bring everything to life – on and off the field.
And a Warrior of Peace is practicing to be of service to one's team and to be radically honest with oneself to be able to face the challenges of the here and now.

We are bringing our own experience as teamplayers, as coaches and guides to these Trainings in the TeamPlay Academy. What we have learnt in soccer, icehockey and other teamsports and leadership training over the years, we have combined with an ancient teaching tradition from the Northern parts of the Americas, the Delicate Lodge Teachings.

This is an ancient wisdom bundle from people who have lived with nature, and who have moved and lived together in smaller and larger teams. The wisdom of how to be together, to learn, to grow and to deal with challenges and conflicts in a good way, is the essence of these ancient tools and maps for our human consciousness to evolve and blossom today and tomorrow.

Are you hungry for more depth and learning more about teamplay? We are excited to seeing you!

Your Guides

Matti Straub-Fischer (Switzerland), Fredrik Petterson (Sweden), and Julie Clausen (Denmark), 7Generations TeamPlay Academy

Warriors of Peace I & II are 2 training offers by the TeamPlay Academy for young talents in teamsports, primarely Soccer and Icehockey aged 14-25:

Warriors of Peace I – a one year training for young talents in teamplay
We are planning to start the Warriors of Peace trainings in Europe (currently we are scheduling it for Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden).

Do you want to join an info-gathering online about this training to see and hear how this training may be for you?

We will be gathering on zoom and when you have signed up, we will send you the link. Should you need additional support and input for your training and preparations with your team, let us know. We will gladly find ways on how to best support you and your team!

As a trainer or coach you can also join one of our next Coaching Corners online:

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