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Transforming Start-ups is an initiative by 7Generations and partners to grow your business idea into regenerative ways.

Make use of our Online Academy and our Incubator Programs in Bern and Cape Town.
- Dreaming of a new way to start up your business adventure?
We help you to grow a regenerative start-up & have fun!
Start-ups have for decades try to make quick money and success.

Here is an introduction of how to grow your business idea in regenerative ways

What if your business were here for 7 generations?

Starting a business is an inspiring process for individuals and entire teams to bring out the best for a new purpose and need in this world.

We have been working with start-ups since 1996, we have trained KaosPilots in Switzerland and in South Africa for a decade and now with our Zero-Company Model we have a framework that can help young entrepreneurs worldwide to dream and launch their businesses differently and more in balance with our Planet Earth.

We now offer our Incubator Training and Mentoring Programs at the Innovationsdorf Bern and online for start-up teams worldwide to join us for a powerful training and mentoring process. We support you from the dreaming phase to grow strong roots and fruits as a large tree that brings joy and shade to the entire neighbourhood for you.

We offer 5 types of programs at 7Generations:
1. A Trampoline Day to check your initiative with our 8 dimensions for a regenerative business – a great way for you and your partners to get to know us and our network
2. Start with a test-week for you and your team to assess your business and project idea and to discover what you as a team really need
3. Kick-start with a 1-Month Incubator at the Innovationsdorf Bern and on zoom
4. Gain momentum with our 3 Months-Incubator Training Program
5. Follow thru with our 1 year Startup Mentoring Program

Do you want to hear more about our incubator program?
Robyn Fisher (Cape Town), Valerie Asch (Camiguin Island, Philippines), Andreas Bangerter Matti Straub-Fischer (both in Bern) and Francisco Acosta (Bern and Bogota) are looking forward to hearing from you.

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