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  • Do you want to see our upcoming events?  Here is our agenda.
  • Do you want to join our Introduction Workshop “Transforming Tourism” from June 11-13, 2020 in Adelboden? The workshop is offered by the Swiss Academy for Regenerative Tourism – an initiative launched together with gutundgut.ch, trombitas.ch, 7Generations, the KaosPilots Switzerland and the Innovationsdorf Bern.
  • Do you want to apply for “Guardians of Transformation”, our global mastery training in regenerative entrepreneurship and transformation? Sign up here for the start in September 2020. Or get more information on the training PDF. The next assessment workshop will take place from April 27-May 1, 2020 in Bern.
  • Do you want to get more information on our Navigation Year for 15-21 year old young adults? Send us an e-mail to matti.straub@7generations.com
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7 Generations, Innovationsdorf Bern, Wylerringstrasse 36, CH-3014 Bern, E-mail Phone: +41 (0)31 371 69 75

Our events at 7 Generations

Here is an overview over our current events:

Our “7 Generation”-Agenda:

Here are inspiring events and gatherings from our business school in Bern, in Cape Town, South Africa and in other places where we are active around the globe:

“Transforming Agriculture” on Friday, February 21, 2020 from 9-16h in Bern
Join us to learn more about how to create regenerative change in the field of agriculture! A day for connecting with good people, sharing, developping ideas and moving forward with courage. Sign up now: andrea.jenny@7generations.com

“#booster-day” on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 from 9-17h in Bern
Join us to learn more about how to use the toolbox of 7Generations ! A day to learn, practice, reflect and get confidence in using new tools and methods for your life as a changemaker. Sign up now: matti.straub@7generations.com

Introduction to Navigation Year – a gap year offer for 15-21 year old young adults: Join us in Minneapolis on Friday, March 13, 2020 from 6-9.30PM. For sign ups, get in touch with krista.porvaznik@gmail.com

For an introduction in Bern on the Navigation Year, get in touch with Matti Straub-Fischer.

Learning Festival in Cape Town – Transforming Education. Get in touch with Robyn Fisher, our project leader in Cape Town

Introduction to “Transforming Tourism” – a powerful workshop in Adelboden, Swiss Alps, from June 11-13, 2020 to learn on how you can make your tourism initiative or project regenerative. This workshop is an offer by the Swiss Academy for Regenerative Tourism and is facilitated by Mila Trombitas, Barbara Urfer Wyss Rafael Enzler, Roman Füglister and Matti Straub-Fischer. The workshop is suitable for interested project initiators in tourism and will be held in German.

For more information and sign up, get in touch with roman.fueglister@7generations.com

“Online-Conference Moving from Pyramids to Circles”, April 14-18, 2020  
Do you want to learn how to move from pyramids of powers to become a fully self-organizing business organization? WhiteEagle Woman from New Mexico and Matti Straub-Fischer from the 7 Generations will introduce you to the world of the Zero-Company-Model and the ancient Earth teachings of the Delicate Lodge. Inspiration to create businesses where every voice matters!
Get more information now: matti.straub@7generations.com

Join our “Council Guide Training” SUI 9 this October 2020!
Do you want to join our Council Guide Training, a powerful and inspiring 2,5 year learning journey in the beautiful Swiss Alps? More information on the next cornplanting/info event and sign up: www.councilguidetraining.org 

Introduction-Ceremony to the Council Guide Training: April 20-22, 2020 on Schweibenalp with the team of CGT SUI 6, WhiteEagle Woman and the Guides.

Next Assessment Workshop for our new 4 year international mastery training program “Guardians of Transformation” for regenerative entrepreneurship and transformation: April 27 to May 1, 2020 in Bern. The most inspiring study and mastery training program with 7 Generations! More Information: matti.straub@7generations.com

Apply for the assessment workshop: http://bit.ly/transformers7gen

“Transforming Education”, Inspiration Day, May 2, 2020 from 9-17h in Winterthur.
Do you want to transform education? Are you keen on meeting like-minded people and share and connect to learn how transforming of an educational system can work? We are planning a learning journey for educational transformers in Switzerland and South Africa in collaboration with the Weavers Academy and Ashoka International who have been fostering social entrepreneurship and change in the past 30 years all over the world. For a sign up get in touch with Andreas Bangerter.

“Transforming Health Care” on Friday, May 28, 2020 from 9-16h in Bern
Join us to learn more about how to create regenerative change in Health Care! A day for connecting with good people, sharing, developping ideas and moving forward with courage. Sign up now: andrea.jenny@7generations.com


Vision Quest: Are you at a place in your life where you need profound clarity to find out how you want to move forward? A Vision Quest with 5 days and 4 nights out on the Mother Earth may be what you need in such a moment. For this Vision Quest you will be guided by WhiteEagle Woman. She is a Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings and is offering to guide people on a vision quests on the land of StarDance in New Mexico, USA. For more information, reach out to matti.straub@7generations.com


Do you want to book us for one of your events – as inspiring keynote speakers or facilitators for your changeprocesses in your team or the entire organization? Get in touch or call us: +41 79 345 28 28 Matti Straub-Fischer or matti.straub@7generations.com


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