The Magic of Coaching

“Coaching is a magic ingredient in Teamsports”

David Egli loves teamsports. And throughout his life he has gained some wisdom in how to create magic in a team. For many years he has been a coach of athletes and sport teams. Today, he serves as a responsible for Sport at Swiss Olympic in Bern and experiences the challenges of Trainers and Coaches in many fields of sports. David is clear: “It is the human abilities of a coach that will allow a team to emerge to mindblowing performance and teamplay – on and especially off the field”. 

David has learnt the skills of teamplay and coaching as a trainer in Swiss Handball. He always loved working with young people and teams. Knowing that teamplay requires a strong teamspirit, moving forward as one crew, and like everything else in life: it is all about practice, practice, practice. In addition to the technical and tactical skills of teamplay, he was always interested in collective leadership. “I wanted to move an entire team forward, and I wanted everyone to enjoy the game and the practice, belonging to something that is bigger than the individual interest”. So for David leadership and teamplay has always been about same eye-level with everyone on and off the field.

“Respect, trust, clear communication and honesty are some of my key values that I want to live into – and then also expect this from my team members”. 

A new paradigm of same eye-level leadership includes a new way of coaching and training

I was impacted and socialised through teamsport in my youth and experienced a quite hierarchical system. However as a coach, I am not better or worth more than any of my people. This understanding of being a strong tribe together has started to grow in David, but it wasn’t until he practiced this again as a part of a further education in a courageous leadership training program, the Council Guide Training, where he was reminded of this principle of equal value. “In this 2,5 year training program I learnt what it means to not only trust myself, but fully trust in others and in life. I have come to remember that we are always supported by life. And all we need to do is to keep our hearts open and to listen to ourselves, others and all of life.” 

Bringing in this dimension of wholeness and spirit to his coaching and leadership portfolio was not a small step. “For me personally I was always good when it was about facts and figures, but as soon as emotions came into the game, I was more hesitant… and then doubtful. I have learnt that fears or pressure are not a very good foundation for making decisions. Yet, I realized that if I want to evoke courage in others, I first need to look into my own self to deal with the old fears I still carried with me. The training with my peers and the guides helped me to mirror what was going on in moments when I just went into a pattern.”

What does Sports-Coaching need today? 

Many top-athletes have stepped forward and shared about their mental health challenges in the past few months and it has become evident that health and balance are a crucial foundation for any team and individual to train and perform on a desired high level. But what if we are afraid to share what is really going on inside of ourselves?

“This is the challenge for us coaches today and tomorrow: how to create a healthy and more balanced and wholeness oriented training and performance environment with all our athletes. This includes the families and friends, the diet, the sleep, and any other aspect that helps to reduce stress and to create more balance and health in our lives and all of us moving with Covid19 in different ways. 

As Coaches and Trainers, we need to learn to look differently at our team and each individual to see what is truly going on for them seen from our perspective and to mirror unhealthy behaviours and fears – be that spiritual, emotional, physical or courage and heart-related. This is highly demanding work for the Coaches and most of us have not been trained in these fields. So we have to step up our game, especially to support our people and not to fall into traps of power and fears with our role and position and to remain on same eye-level despite the pressures and the odds of life.” 

Dealing with challenges as a Coach in new ways

It is for this reason that David Egli, together with 3 partners has created a training opportunity for sport coaches and trainers of younger sport teams to learn about these more subtle aspects of reading the energy and what people often like to hide in public when it comes to health, balance, and fears.

“If we want to support our teams to become more resilient as individuals and as a team, we need to learn from groups of people that have been practicing tribal mind and the collective teamspirit for centuries where we have become ego-centric in our cultures”, says David. 

Learning with a global network of Trainers and Coaches

Learning the Magic of Coaching from ancient earth-based wisdom traditions such as a the Council Guide Training seems key for David to evolve our Western approach to more wholeness and effectiveness in our training of young people in sports and life. “During the last year and a half with Covid19, we have worked with an international group of coaches and trainers of various sports to explore what is needed in these times to reach new levels of depth in our trainings with our teams. We have taken the learnings from these conversations and this field research and today, I am excited to bringing together various worlds of experience here in this approach.”

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The Magic of Coaching – a further education training and mentoring program

Expanding your Toolbox and Skills as Sportstrainer and Coach to bring more balance, wholeness and meaning to your practice with your team. The Magic of Coaching is a series of 4 seasonal trainings – one for spring, one for summer, one for autumn and one for winter. Learning how to guide your people in alignment with nature and exploring the power as a team – inviting each and everyone of your people to bring in their best every day. 

This international training program is offered by the TeamPlay Academy of 7Generations with its bases in Bern, Stockholm, Camiguin Island, and Cape Town. Bringing ancient wisdom on how to be a strong healthy tribe together with modern sports psychology and teamspirit, and personal guiding and mentoring for you as a sportstrainer and coach is at the heart of this training. 

Start of the next training April 1/2, 2022 in Bern, Switzerland

Next info-events on zoom: Wednesday, December 8th, 2021, 18:00-19:15h

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The Council Guide Training – personal development for balance & wholeness

Learning about how to deal with fears and limiting beliefs in a life-growing way is what is taught in the Council Guide Training. This 2,5 year long further education is a personal development training that brings balance and wholeness and a new understanding of how to make decision as a tribe where every voice matters. 

More information on the Council Guide Training: 

Saturday, November 27th from 9am -12:30 Swiss/CET with a cornplanting ceremony in Bern and Camiguin Island in person – and you can also join via zoom from everywhere in the world.

Sunday, December 5th from 7-10:30pm Swiss/CET with a cornplanting ceremony on zoom.

Regeneration Days on November 20th and 27th, 14-17.30h CET at the Innovationsdorf Bern

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