Stories from 7Generations

We are a business tribe.
We offer consulting and
facilitation support and
inspiring entrepreneurial
trainings to learn how to
move from the heart and
to create businesses that
are life-growing.
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We plan for the next 7 generations

Meet the People of 7Generations – Matti Straub-Fischer

A conversation with Matti Straub-Fischer and Valerie Asch on what 7Generations and regenerative growth and transformation is all about.

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The Power of Questions

How can we bring out the best in ourselves and eachother in a team? Why are questions so essential tools for any trainer, guide or leader? Get to know how we at 7Generations and the TeamPlay-Academy are using questions to stay on track and to keep evolving and growing.

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Take your time!

How to start gently into your day in the morning? What are your daily routines to create some time for yourself? Sometimes a few minutes do the trick, sometimes we need to take a little longer. An invitation to take the time it takes.

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