People of 7Generations

– meet our Senior Consultants and Guardians of Transformation
Karsten Klockenbring
Robyn Fisher
WhiteEagle Woman
Finances & Council Guide
Team and projectleader & Council Guide
Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings

I joined 7 Generations in 2016 and love the people here.

I am living in Cape Town and have since my graduation as KaosPilot and Council Guide in 2016 been supporting our business school as team leader in our external classroom here in Cape Town. I am passionate about social entrepreneurs, their stories and products.

Jonas Beer
Urs Gantenbein
Claudio Enggist
Council Guide & Webmaster
Senior Consultant
Matti Straub-Fischer
Ina Jahncke
Lora Slovak
Senior Consultant & Guide
Innovationsdorf Hosting & Social media
Innovationsdorf Host & Fundraising

I am passionate to help create inspiring examples of regenerative businesses and educations. I love to learn from Nature and to share this knowledge from the last 25 years of experience as a consultant & guide.

Andrea Jenny
Roman Füglister
Accalia Joanne de Nobriga

KaosPilot and Transforming Health Care

Senior Consultant / Transforming Tourism

Photographer, Council Guide and teacher

Andreas Bangerter
Tung-Yang Chiang
Elke Kalt

KaosPilot and Transforming Education

Guardian of Transformation from Taiwan

KaosPilot from Germany and Switzerland

Francisco Acosta

KaosPilot from Columbia