People of 7Generations

We are a diverse team of  experienced consultants and facilitators, trainers and  guides for regenerative team and business development.

We speak several languages and are based in Bern, Cape Town, Stockholm, Taiwan, the Philippines, and New Mexico/USA.
– meet our Senior Consultants and Guardians of Transformation
We are curious!
Valerie Asch, Camiguin Island
Consultant and Trainer, Philippines

Yoga-Teacher, Free-Diver and Council Guide in training.

I thrive in authenticity and potential. Finding ways to develop, support and manifest potential in the self, others, and projects fills my heart with abundance.

Elke Kalt, Bern
KaosPilot and Council Guide

With my background in Health Care and running a carpentry and farm with my family, I am loving to support people in change processes. For this I work in nature and use the power of ancient Earth Wisdom to grow our projects.

Claudio Enggist, Bern
Senior Consultant

My passion for projects that have a positive impact on society and supporting people and organizations to reach their full potential brought me to 7 Generations. I bring my experiences in leadership, strategy work and project management in the non-profit and for profit world into 7 Generations and am keen to work with inspiring people.

Matti Straub-Fischer, Bern
Senior Consultant & Guide

I am passionate to help create inspiring examples of regenerative businesses and educations. I love to learn from Nature and to share this knowledge from the last 25 years of experience as a consultant & guide.

Andreas Bangerter, Bern
KaosPilot, Guide, Transforming Education, Innovationsdorf Bern

As a trained KaosPilot and Council Guide, I love to support young people in their navigating of education and career in the working world. As a host for the Innovationsdorf Bern, I enjoy the collaboration with very different people and teams here.

Fredrik Petterson, Stockholm
Council Guide & Consultant

Guiding people in personal change and transformation processes with the Council Guide Training is as much on my heart as supporting teams and companies in becoming strong and regenerative in their collaboration and evolution. With my background in sports and management, I bring my skills also to the Team-Play Academy and the CoachingCorner.

DongYang Jiang, Taipeh
Guardian of Transformation from Taiwan

I love circles, as they are like an embrace. With the support of circular structures, I enjoy meaningful dialogues with all and aim to foster beauty by aligning our transforming collective consciousness. And from there, with love, I intend to redesign, restructure, and re-/co-create healthy relationships with all beings.

Francisco Acosta, Bern & Colombia
KaosPilot and Council Guide

Transforming Education and Transforming Communities using the arts and culture to support and inspire people in making changes in their neighbourhoods and lives is what I enjoy full-heartedly.

Tom Rothenbühler, Bern
Innovationsdorf Host

I love to co-create inspiring working atmospheres and making our people and guests for meetings and workshops happy here at the Innovationsdorf in Bern.

Andrea Jenny, Bern
KaosPilot and Transforming Health Care

Having worked in Palliative Care for many years, I enjoy the interdisciplinary ways of communication and collaboration we practice here at 7Generations and the Innovationsdorf Bern.

Lora Slovak, Bern
Innovationsdorf Host

With my backpack in the fields of migration and development work, I enjoy the supporting of new ideas and initiatives locally and globally.

Diego Sanchez Vila
Architect, Process-Consultant and Graphic Facilitator and Council Guide in training

I am yearning to create sustainable and regenerative structures and buildings, and inspiring working spaces for our people. Creating a new Center for regnererative Growth in the Gantrisch is a joy for me!

Robyn Fisher, Cape Town
Team and projectleader & Council Guide

I am living in Cape Town and have since my graduation as KaosPilot and Council Guide in 2016 been supporting our business school as team leader in our external classroom here in Cape Town. I am passionate about social entrepreneurs, their stories and products.

WhiteEagle Woman, New Mexico
Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings

Bringing healing and growth into our working world is an essential pathway for us as a humanity in the coming years. Supporting these yearnings with our Tools and the Earth Wisdom is deep in my heart.

Roman Füglister, Bern
Senior Consultant / Transforming Tourism

With an extensive experience in IT and moving from classical understandings of collaboration and leadership to more same eye-level teamwork and agile forms, I love to support young people in their development and growth into our business world.

Eda Aydogan, Bodrum Turkey
Consultant and Council Guide

Inspired by working with people to create healthy and energy-giving forms of organizations in business and education is one of my passions.