Innovation & Co-Creation

Our innovation and collaboration culture is shifting and we are learning how to work together on same eye-level.

Do you want to strengthen your innovation culture in your company with the tools of the Circle Business?

We bring our experience from the last 30 years in creating creative ways of collaborating in innovation and business development to you.

We support you with inspiring pilot projects to break the old ice and to bring a fresh wind for your entire team.
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Innovation is one of 8 Power Shields that we humans have access to.

But just because we have the potential to be creative and innovative, does not mean, that we have practiced a culture of wild and free creation with everyone in the business.

How can you foster a new culture of innovation?

We work with you and your team by first of all looking into what is already working well in your organization. What lifts you up as an individual and as a team? How satisfied are you with the growth and cultivation of creative ideas and product or service development? Who in your organization is already on a good track with being untamed and free?

As step 2, we will together look into what is not working well and what needs to change and improve seen from your perspectives. These two steps will give you and us together a good foundation on what is needed now and for the coming cycle.

We then together co-create next prototypes and pilot-initiatives that will enhance the qualities you want to grow in your business and organization.

What is essential is involve the entire company in the cultural process, not just the R&D department or the innovation teams.

In order for new ideas to be welcomed by the entire organization, you will need to together get a sense of urgency so all of you know what the next nuts to crack are. Only when you all move together as one tribe, you will get the results that you are yearning for.

Innovation and co-creation is measured by all of you every day: The way you work and learn together either gives you energy or it sucks energy from you. So on some level, knowing if it works is quite simple. And once you and your team are having fun again with what you are doing, your partners, suppliers and your clients will feel the joy and the sparks of inspiration, too.

From experience we know that improving your innovation and co-creation-culture will take some years of diligent and careful dedicated work. And yet, you will know and sense very soon, if the efforts are going into a direction that feeds you energy or not.


Our understanding of innovation and co-creation is nature inspired. We see innovation as an artistic process that is unique to every person and team – and yet, we humans all share some collective ways of how we are experiencing joy and fun together. And we have learnt that ideas and products sometimes need a long time until they grow fruits. Finding out how much cultivation and gardening for these plants of your new ideas is needed, is the job of a team.

We are good at being your sparring partners in development processes like these. And we know that know how, humour and persistence and follow up are key factors for this kind of long term growth. As one of our grandmothers said: from a tight ass comes no happy fart. So approaching this cultural growth and innovation process strategically, one needs to be open-minded and relaxed.

We have been working with innovation in SME's and start-ups since 1996. We have trained KaosPilots in Switzerland and in South Africa for a decade and now with our Circle Business Model we have a framework that can help teams and young entrepreneurs worldwide to dream and launch their businesses differently and more in balance with our Planet Earth.

With the Innovationsdorf (an innovation village) in Bern, we have created a co-working space of collaboration between very different organizations and entrepreneurial teams. And we have supported several incubator programs like the F10 in the Fintech-area in Zürich with our consulting expertise.

Do you want to meet us and explore a possible collaboration?
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