Our story

The story of 7Generations started in 1998 with an initiative by Matti Straub-Fischer to launch "cafe3" to foster a new kind of entrepreneurship that brings more joy and vitality to all involved.

In 2002 we renamed the company to "changels" as we focussed on supporting our clients in change processes and opened a co-working space in 2007 at Falkenplatz in Bern.

In 2012 we launched the alternative business school KaosPilots Switzerland and the Innovationsdorf Bern, currently one of the largest co-working spaces in Switzerland.

Our newest focus is to help businesses and work places become not only sustainable but regenerative and energy-giving for all involved.
Where we come from and why
We foster regenerative business.
Our Story

We are 7Generations, a consulting company with its base in Bern, Switzerland. We are also hosting a global mastery training program for regenerative entrepreneurship and transformation with an external classroom in Cape Town, South Africa and the Council Guide Training which we offer in collaboration with Dancehammers from New Mexico, USA.

Since 2012 we have been hosting the Innovationsdorf Bern with currently some 50 entrepreneurial initiatives, businesses and organisations that work across sectors and fields together for more inspiring services and products.

Regenerative Business development is crucial for our planet and our people at this point in history. Learning to live in balance with our Earth and how to do business on same eye-level with all involved are challenges we need to tackle to overcome the effects of pyradmidical power structures and other unbalances we have created over the past centuries.

Like a plus house in architecture, we need plus businesses and organisations today. These are companies that generate more energy than they use up in its creation, while running and when being taken apart again or when transformed into a new structure. These energy-giving business structures are inspired by nature and how organic everything on this Planet Earth naturally has evolved and grown itself. We call this model a circle business or in short: a Zero-Company, as the circle stands for the equality of all of life in this hoop of creation.

Business needs balance, meaning and growth

When Matti Straub-Fischer started cafe3 in 1998 as his final exam project at the Danish KaosPilot school, he knew that the working places need to be more FUN and energy giving again. As the companies he met were busy places with an unhealthy focus on efficiency and making money by all means. The world had clearly gotten out of balance.

The team of 7Generations learnt soon that in order to create alternatives, one needed to live the new values, attitudes and beliefs for a more balanced, a more inspiring and a more sustainable future first, before teaching these principles to others.

7Generations learnt a lot about self-organisation and collaboration, but only when partnering up with WhiteEagle Woman, a keeper of an ancient Earth Wisdom bundle called the Delicate Lodge Teachings did the 7Generations business tribe evolve quicker and thrived with the tools and the protocols of how to respect life from this ancient wisdom tradition.

We are bringing 25 years of experience in organisational development, team building, and large group facilitation, business coaching and consulting for regenerative and inspiring strategies and nourishing growth.

Today, we are a business tribe of 10 senior consultants and our junior consultants and apprentices from the Guardians of Transformation training program. And we collaborate with our ambassadors and partner network wherever we are needed on this planet.

We are supporting our partners and clients in creating regenerative businesses and organizational structures in all fields of work and business.

We have created strategic partnership initiatives with Transforming Agriculture, Transforming Education, Transforming Development, Transforming Health Care, Transforming Tourism and Transforming Startups. Here we feed new campfires for refreshing dialogues on how to create businesses and structures for the next 7 generations.

Life is an adventure and we keep inventing ourselves and the world around us with all of you and life.

Are you interested in becoming a part of our network? Get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you.