Regeneration Days

– how to grow your project and business ideas with a 7 generational mindset of wholeness and regeneration

Get support and inspiration from our 7Gen consulting team to expand your iniatives and remember your dreams.
Think 7Generations. Beyond Sustainability. Recalibrate Your Mindset.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Regeneration Days

Share your Dreams
Create a solid foundation
Explore your questions and grow your Ideas
& find Balance

What is needed to move beyond sustainability and into regeneration?
Producing more energy & vitality than what we use in our lives, projects, teams & businesses.   
The Regeneration Days will be comprised of 2 x half days. Starting on 20th of November with the second session on the 27th of November from 14:00h-17:30h Swiss Time.

This Workshop is designed to introduce and experience tools which will enhance:

Awareness & mindfulness to what is needed to bring more freedom & innovation, curiosity & trust, resilience & regenerative structures and courage in making open-hearted decisions

Understanding of these tools through application in life, business or projects

The spirit of asking questions in order to expand

The ability to learn from our diversity

We call these tools the
8 Power Shields of Balance and Wholeness.
In this workshop you will be supported by the guides and consultants of 7Generations to use these tools
To Self-Reflect and Self-Asses whether you are balanced, thriving and on track
To craft a strategy on how you can apply this during the week between the
20th & 27th November 2021 in your chosen field/situation
whether that be more in the context of Personal Development & Leadership Business
Education and/or CommunityWe will come back on the 27th of November to listen and ask questions.

We will learn from our diversity and unique perspective and insights.Together with the guides/consultants of 7Generations and each other you will be supported to craft the next steps on what is needed for balance, wholeness and regeneration.

This will be:
Online on Zoom
Onsite Innovations, Dorf Bern

The participation fee for the day is CHF 80 and CHF 50 for Students & innovationsdorf-villagers

If you have questions you can reach us here:


We are looking forward to meeting you!

When: 27. August 2022, 09:00-13:00

Where: 7Generations, Innovationsdorf Bern, Wylerringstrasse 36, 3014 Bern & Zoom

Price: CHF 80 per person or 50.- for Students & if you need a reduced price



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