Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is an invitation to come to the present moment. Be in the here and now.

This requires us to use our senses to fully be here, not in the past and not in the future.

Our practice program is supporting you to grow yourself in this field. To connect to your 10 Energy Centers of the Body and to listen what wants to emerge here and now.
– how we can practice to be fully here and now
An inspiring online practice program for you
The 7Generations Mindfulness Practice Program

An introduction on how to sharpen your skills in being present to what is

Too Busy to Meditate?

Or you don’t know how to stop and where to start?
Having a hard time imagining being still for 20 minutes?

Maybe you were just waiting for a good introduction to becoming still, to strengthen your inner balance and to learn how to start gently into your day and move with intention and joy.

Then our 7Generations Mindfulness Practice could be something for you.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness means to be present with our different Minds and to practice being still and to listen to what is going on inside of us and around us without judgement. It starts with being present here and now. Not thinking about the future and not being stuck in the past. 

What is our practice?
At 7Generations we are practicing Mindfulness as a daily practice with the 8 Power Shields from the Delicate Lodge Teachings, an ancient Earth Wisdom tradition. We are connecting to ourselves and Life around us with our Spirit, our Body, our Emotion and our Heart-Mind with intention, meditation, breathwork & movement. 

Starting gently into our day from our night dreams into our day dreams holds great power, therefore we are offering this Morning Practice we are doing ourselves to other interested people all over the world.

Who are we?
7Generations is a consulting company with our own entrepreneurship education with local teams in Bern, Switzerland, Stockholm, Sweden, Tokyo, Japan, Camiguin Island, Philippines, Cape Town, South Africa, New Mexico, USA. 

Valerie Asch from Camiguin Island and Matti Straub-Fischer from Bern will guide you in this Mindfulness Practice and support you in creating more balance, well-being, joy and growth in your life.

Valerie is a consultant at 7Generations focussing on Transforming Businesses and Communities. She is a trained Yoga-instructor and in training to become a Council Guide.

Matti is the founder of 7Generations. He serves as a senior consultant and Council Guide and trains teams and businesses in moving from pyramids of power to circles where everyone can be on same eye-level with one another.

How can you join our Mindfulness Practice?
We currently hold our Mindfulness Practice currently for 2 time-zones online on zoom:

Philippine time zone (UTC+8): Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 6-7am

Switzerland/Central Europe time zone (UTC+1): Tuesday & Friday, 6:45-7:45am

You can join our practice any time. Book any of the following options on our website and pay with a creditcard or contact us for other options of payment:
- Try-Session: CHF 20.- for 1 hour
- Join for 1 month (with 8 or more sessions): CHF 120.-
- Join for 3 months (24 or more sessions): CHF 280.-
- Join for 1 year: CHF 800.-

You can also book an Introduction-Session of 1,5 hours for your team with us.

Contact Valerie Asch or Matti Straub-Fischer