TeamPlay Academy

What is needed for you and your team? We have been working with teams in sports and business for many years. And we are applying our own learnings and the power of an ancient tradition of many generations of living, learning and growing together as a tribe, as a collective of young and older people.

The art of evocative leadership in teamplay is to call forth the gifts and the talents of every member in the team and to help people remember who they truly are and what they came here to do.
Support for you and your team to grow stronger & to transform your teamplay together.
Growing trainers, teams & youngsters
Coaching Corner – online Trainings
Helpline for Coaches and Trainers
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Warriors of Peace I & II
About the 7Generations TeamPlay Academy
Trainings for young teamplayers to deepen the understanding of how to strengthen the spirit, health and balance as a team.
The 7Generations TeamPlay Academy is an international initiative for coaches, trainers and young teamplayers to grow.
Teamplay Trainings for Coaches & Trainers
Research & Tools on Strong Teamplay
1-3 day trainings to enrich your teamplay-toolbox – in English, Danish, Swedish, German, Swiss-German and Spanish.
What may be of support for you and your work.