What the TeamPlay Academy is / Wer wir sind

Hi, we (David, Fredrik, Julie, Matti and Valerie) are the guides that run the Magic of Coaching on behalf of TeamPlay Academy.

Wir, David, Fredrik, Julie, Matti und Valerie sind die Guides der Magic of Coaching Module und der TeamPlay Academy.

The ambition of TeamPlay Academy is to contribute with services and training programmes for sports coaches and teams that are committed to improving their health and balance as part of strengthening their team. This will enable more athletes to become Peaceful Warriors. A Peaceful Warrior is someone who is aware of their emotions, listens to what their bodies need, what excites them, and they dare to follow their hearts and empower themselves, stepping forward for the whole.

Mit der TeamPlay Academy haben wir die Ambition mit inspirierenden Trainingprogrammen und Beratung Sportcoaches und Trainerinnen zu unterstützen. Wir wollen, dass Nachwuchsteam bereits früh fürs Leben lernen können, wie sie gesund, ausgeglichen und achtsam ein starkes Team werden können. So können junge Athletinnen und Athleten zu friedlichen Teamspielern werden. Das bedeutet, dass sie auf ihre Emotionen achten, gut auf ihren Körper hören und dass sie herausfinden, was ihnen Freude bereitet, wie sie mutig ihre Träume leben können und lernen, vom "ich" zum "Wir" zu wachsen und bereit sind, fürs Gemeinsame einzustehen.

At TeamPlay Academy we dream of helping every athlete on this planet to become a Peaceful Warrior; a better team player. The power of a team player is his or her ability and willingness to yield for the collective and go beyond the ego of the self. This mindset, we call it the ‘tribal mind’ is important for building healthy relationships and a sense of community.

Have you ever asked yourself:

Have you ever needed someone else to talk to, be it another coach, a mentor or a friend?

Here is the thing:

We believe that all change that we want to see in the world and in our team start with the self. If you i.e. want to build trust in your team - you need to take risks and bring more of yourself.

Now, you may ask yourself how can you find time to do this while actively coaching and also maybe having a “day job” and/or being a parent?

With TeamPlay Academy we always aim to make whatever we do easy.  As much as possible we want you to apply and practice the tools and practices that we teach in real life making it part of what you are already doing rather than adding additional tasks to your already filled up agenda. Easy however, does not necessarily equal simple.

The tools and the practices that we teach has a profound impact on both self and other as proven in many self-organizing communities both ancient and present.

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