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Nächste Treffen und Trainings in Bern und online

Explore the inspiring events and gatherings from us 7Generations and from our business school in regenerative entrepreneurship & transformation in Bern, Switzerland, in Stockholm, Sweden, in Cape Town, South Africa, on Camiguan Island in the Philippines, in Bogotà, Colombia and in other places where we are active around the globe:

New Business – training entrepreneurial spirits, Oct 20th, 2021, 17-18h CET

Are you dreaming of a new project? Do you want to bring your idea into the business world and earn money with it? Are you yearning for new ways of doing business? Then join our 6-month training program NEW BUSINESS with 2 days of training every 2 weeks both in local teams and with online trainings and support.
Info-gatherings online: Wednesday, October 20th, 17-18:15 Central European/Swiss time on zoom. Sign up with an e-mail to Matti Straub-Fischer.

Info-Gathering Council Guide Training on November 8th, 2021, 18-19:15h CET

Are you yearning for a life that is allowing you to be more in balance, with less stress and more meaning and collaboration? The Council Guide Training is a powerful personal development journey to learn ancient earth wisdom and integrate them into your daily life.
Learn more about what this training is all about in one of our Info-Gatherings and here
To sign up for our gathering on zoom: send an e-mail to Matti Straub-Fischer

Start Council Guide Training CGT SUI 10 Schweibenalp October 2021

Learning how to change limiting beliefs and patterns that suck energy in our lives is one of the core-skills you will train in the Council Guide Training which we currently run in a hybrid format for our people here in Switzerland and with the possibility to join online from all over the world. Would you like more information?

Regeneration Day – learn about the regenerative paradigm and how to bring it into the world of business, education and communities
November 20th and 27th, 2021 (in English, German and Spanish)

Do you want to learn how to move from sustainability to regeneration? We will share with you what the regenerative paradigm is all about and how to bring it into our world of business, education and communities. From 14:00-17:30 both days.
Join us and meet our Consultants and Mentors from the Philippines, Taiwan, Cape Town, Bogotà, the US, Stockholm and Switzerland. If Covid allows, we will organize local physical gatherings and you can also join us via zoom. Ready? Participation per person CHF 80.- for the day (for students CHF 50.-).

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7Generations Mindfulness Practice – Kiva Practice for the 4 Winter Moons

Our Mindfulness Practice consists of inspiring ways of awakening your spirit, your emotional flow, strengthening your body and opening your heart to move with courage into your day. Currently on Sunday evening and Friday morning Swiss time. This practice is guided by Valerie Asch and Matti Straub-Fischer from 7Generations and builds on mindfulness practices from the Council Guide Training for personal development inspired by nature.

You can join our practice any time with a try-session for CHF 20.- or book longer practice options below.
We recommend a 3 month period to experience the full 8 Power Shields.

We hold our 1 hour Morning Practice online-sessions every Tuesday & Friday at 6:45am Swiss time
and every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 6am in the Philippines

Join our next Introduction Session to the Mindfulness Practice on Saturday, November 6th from 12 (noon)-1:30pm Swiss time

For introductions for your team, get in touch with Valerie or Matti.


Inspiration Workshop Transforming Health Care: Nov 18, 2021, 9-17h

Connect with inspiring people and learn about the results of Transforming Health Care and the vision of a healthy health care system and inspiring initiatives. Join us for this inspiring gathering at the Innovationsdorf Bern! Sign up and pay your registration fee below with the link: Participation for 1 person CHF 150.- and CHF 80.- for students.