Agenda of 7Generations

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Explore the inspiring events and gatherings from our business school in Bern, in Cape Town, South Africa and in other places where we are active around the globe:

Transforming Tourism Unternehmer-Werkstatt Adelboden

Der Tourismus ist weltweit herausgefordert. Wie könnten Angebote für einen sozial- und umweltverträglichen Tourismus aussehen? Bist du bereit, diesen Fragen mit uns gemeinsam nachzugehen? Melde dich jetzt an.

Booster Day – Toolbox for Guardians of Transformation
17. June 2020

Join us for our next Booster Day on Wednesday, June 17 in Bern. We are excited to be sharing with you our essential tools on how to move with courage and an open heart in the business world. Curious? Sign up here.

Start Council Guide Training CGT SUI 9 Schweibenalp
12.-17 January 2021

Do you want to learn how to use your emotional powers to grow yourself? Then joining this powerful personal development training with the ancient Earth wisdom of the Delicate Lodge Teachings will be an inspiring and deep learning journey for you.

Regeneration Day – connect, share and co-create
13. November 2020 / postponed to 26. March 2021 due to Covid

Join us for this inspiring next regeneration day in Bern. Connect with other bridge builders and entrepreneurial minds.