Agenda of 7Generations

We are yearning for physical meetings and gatherings again like many of you. Until this can be done with ease, we are doing our best to connect online.

With our partners and bases in Bern, Stockholm, Camiguin Island, Cape Town, New Mexico, we may be closer than you think.  

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– Here are our upcoming trainings and gatherings
Nächste Treffen und Trainings in Bern und online

Explore the inspiring events and gatherings from us 7Generations and from our business school in regenerative entrepreneurship & transformation in Bern, Switzerland, in Stockholm, Sweden, in Cape Town, South Africa, on Camiguan Island in the Philippines, in Bogotà, Colombia and in other places where we are active around the globe:

The Magic of Coaching – for Coaches & Trainers of young sport teams

Learning how to grow your team in regenerative ways, using the ancient wisdom on how to move like a tribe. This winter, we will offer our next 3 month training program with a kick-off on January 26/27, 2024 in the Gantrisch near Bern, Switzerland.
More information & sign up with an e-mail to Matti Straub-Fischer

Regenerative Architecture Fachtagung in Bern, Dec 1, 2023

Was ist Regenerative Architektur und wie bauen wir wieder für die nächsten 7 Generationen? Diese Fachtagung bietet Architekt*innen und Baufachleuten essenzielle Perspektiven in die verschiedenen Anwendungsgebiete dieses neuen Paradigmas. Wir stellen dabei die Forschungsarbeiten und Projektbeispiele von verschiedenen Partnern vor. Als Vertiefung und Horizonterweitung für interessierte Praktiker*innen. 9-16.30h Swiss / CET im Innovationsdorf in Bern.
Anmeldung per E-mail an Diego Sanchez Vila.

"Wild Hearts" in Bern, September 14-16th, 2023

Slowing down and learning how to listen to your heart. What is the essence you are bringing into this life and how can you best contribute with your gifts and talents to the communities you are a part of?
Learn about the Delicate Lodge Teachings and how to respect yourself and all of life. A ceremony with the Guides of the Blossoming of Awe (also known as Council Guide Training) with Matti Straub-Fischer, Karina Storingaard and Stephanie Langerock.
The training will take place from 14-16th September 2023 in Bern.
Sign up with an e-mail to Stephanie Langerock.

Blossoming of Awe / CGT SUI 12 Swiss Alps January 2024

The Blossoming of Awe (formerly known as Council Guide Training) is a powerful personal development training program that enables you to navigate these 3 rivers: learning to guide your own growth and dealing with limiting beliefs, learning to train becoming a guide and a teacher to hold people in growing their human consciousness and learning to live and work together with the Ways of the Council where every voice matters.

The next training journey (SUI 12) will start in January 2024 in the week from January 7-12th, 2024 at Landguet Ried, near Bern.

Blessing Ceremony Yucatan, January, 2025 with WhiteEagle Woman
Join our next Blessing Ceremony in January 2025 for 7 days in the Yucatan in Mexico. This ceremony with WhiteEagle Woman, Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge from New Mexico, and the Council Guides from CGT SUI 11 will allow you to deeply nourish yourself in the magical land of the Sian Ka'an Nature reserve near Tulum.

A week of gifting yourself with a powerful time of BEING & CONNECTING with the elementals. You will experience the Blessings in this ceremony from this ancient bundle of Earth Wisdom – and being cared for by our beautiful hosts, the SolCaribe family from Punta Allen. An opportunity of a life-time. We have space for 14 people in this paradise with us this time.

Can you join us? Get more information and sign up with an e-mail to Matti Straub-Fischer
Circle Business - a training for self-organization in your business team

This 10 month further education and master-training program will take place in Bern, on Camiguin Island and on zoom.

Introduction: Saturday, December 16, 2023, from 9-13h CET in person in Bern, Camiguin Island & on zoom.
Sign as soon as possible to reserve your place in the training. Participation fee: CHF 80.- (for students CHF 50.-).
If you have challenges with money, get in touch so we can find a way that supports you.

Circle Business BaseCamp: 2 days from 9-16h CET in Bern and Camiguin Island (upon request for your team or business)

Sign up for the introduction and or BaseCamp with an e-mail to Valerie Asch or Matti Straub-Fischer

More Information about the Circle Business Training you can find here: Circle Business