KaosPilots Switzerland

A 3 year bachelor equivalent education in Enterprising Leadership which we have initiated and run in Bern, Switzerland and with our external classroom in Cape Town, South Africa.

We ran this alternative management school in collaboration with our Danish KaosPilots partner school in Aarhus, the Berner Fachhochschule and Dancehammers from New Mexico/USA from 2010-2020.

We have trained 6 international classes of KaosPilots as creative leaders and entrepreneurs in this time.
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Praxisnahe und kreative Führungsausbildung
Stories of Alumni
What is a KaosPilot and what is so special about this education?

This 3 year full-time education in Enterprising Leadership has been recognized by many organization as a refreshing and innovative approach in leadership training. Started in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1991, so far more than 1000 students have graduated from this education in Denmark and Switzerland. And the education is recognized as a valid Bachelor education by various universities worldwide.

KaosPilots Switzerland – with a focus on mindfulness

When Matti Straub-Fischer, one of the first Swiss KaosPilot graduates, launched the KaosPilots school in Bern, Switzerland in 2010, the echo in the rather conservative educational system was positive towards this new approach of training entrepreneurs and leaders for life. What was key to the initiative team of changels (today 7Generations) back then was to balance the inspiring Danish masculine cool education with some earthy, down-to-earth mindfulness and sustainability for a new era of entrepreneurs.

What unfolded in the coming 10 years as an open-minded private education in Bern and with an external classroom in Cape Town, South Africa, was creating many ripples that are still pulpable today. Self-organization, same eye-level and wholeness have been woven into the curriculum of enterprising leadership for an international student group coming from all continents and learning to become mindful leaders and teamplayers over 3 years.

The school grew its holistic entrepreneurial approach and maintained the external classroom in Cape Town to enable its students to again and again learn how to navigate in new and unknown territory with multiple and complex challenges to deal with as they were unfolding their wings and starting their own projects and businesses in their final year.

The KaosPilots Switzerland also was famous for its Southern Scholarship program enabling annually 2-3 students from the Southern Hemisphere to get a powerful training despite the economical challenges they were facing. The students learned in practical projects with clients and from their own ideas to co-create as a team, to use eachothers' talents and resources to manifest own project ideas as well as external assignments. Another speciality of the Swiss KaosPilots was the integration of the Council Guide Training and Martial Arts as part of their Inner Pilot training program.

In short: 180 ECTS point for the 3 year training program. Here is a summary of what the training does for people.

In 2018 KaosPilots Switzerland decided to complete its collaboration with the Danish school and to start its own international mastery training program of 4 years in Regenerative Entrepreneurship and Transformation called "Guardians of Transformation". This new training program has been launched in October 2019 is run by 7Generations in Bern and Cape Town. More information on the training you find here. More information on the Danish KaosPilot School in Aarhus you find here.

Our KaosPilots Graduates from Team SUI 1-6:

Team SUI 1
Anna Fritsche, Germany
Sam Nüesch, Switzerland
Jan Grossenbacher, Switzerland
Mario Grossenbacher, Switzerland
Jonas Morgenthaler, Switzerland
Giuliano Mordasini, Switzerland
Marc Schütz, Switzerland
Roman Stähli, Switzerland
Claudia Rauber, Switzerland
Sacha Winckler, Switzerland

Team SUI 2
Sidsel Stausholm Andersen, Denmark
Ana Metz Castan, Brazil
Robyn Fisher, South Africa
Viktoria Lidzén, Sweden
Nynne Nørgaard Jensen, Denmark
Natalia Nowicka, Switzerland
Nonkululeko Mlangeni, South Africa
Fredrik Petterson, Sweden
Kristoffer Rasmussen, Denmark
Thomas Roloff, Denmark
Marc Segmüller, Switzerland

Team SUI 3
Felix Baller, Germany
Jonas Beer, Switzerland
Mona Ebdrup, Denmark
Babette Frank, Germany
Urs Gantenbein, Switzerland
Raffael Gfeller, Switzerland
Jakob Kristofferson, Denmark
Sabahet Meta, Kosovo
Lebohang Tlali, South Africa
Ruth Walter, Switzerland
Tyra Willén, Sweden

Team SUI 4
Andreas Bangerter, Switzerland
Melilizwe Gqobe, South Africa
Sverre Gravdahl Gran, Norway
Maja Boesen Madsen, Denmark
Shiori Morita, Japan
Kawira Nyaga, Kenya
David Plenderleith, South Africa

Team SUI 5
Ulrik Ploug Lorentzen, Denmark
Mandisa Ngqulana, South Africa
David Pipola, Switzerland
Domenica Toro, Ecuador
Mario von Gunten, Switzerland

Team SUI 6
Sydney Hayes, USA
Andrea Jenny, Switzerland
Elke Kalt, Switzerland
Francisco Acosta, Colombia

What have KaosPilot Graduates achieved after their bachelor equivalent training?

For questions about the KaosPilots Switzerland, you can get in touch with Matti Straub-Fischer, former Headmaster of the school here in Bern and Robyn Fisher, teamleader and KaosPilot graduate in Cape Town.

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