Circle Business

Circle Business is a master-training program by 7Generations to grow your business in regenerative ways.

It is both powerful for people who want to transform their existing organization or team into self-organizing and regenerative ways – and it also supports start-ups to build their business for their next 7 generations.

Are you ready for this adventure?

Our consultant team gladly supports you in person in Bern, Stockholm, Cape Town and on Camiguin Island in the Philippines – or wherever you need us.
- Are you yearning to transform your business and company?
We help you to grow a regenerative business & to have fun!
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Circle Business: Is your business fit for the next 7 generations?

A master-training program for self-organization and to grow your team as a Circle Business for the next 7 generations.

Inspiring, community-based, and Earth-friendly. 

With the 8 modules of this master-training program you build your circle business with a regenerative structure. You grow your strategy and communication on same eye-level with your team, your clients and partners. Learn how to make decisions like a tribe, where every voice matters, so you can move as one.

Bring ancient Earth wisdom together with modern technology.

10 months of inspiring training. Starting on September 15/16th, 2023. 

Download the Circle Business master training program here.

Introduction-Module (2 days): June 9/10 and July 6/7, 2023, in person in Bern and Camiguin Island and on zoom. Sign up as soon as possible to reserve your place in one of these introductions for our master-training program.

Info-Gathering on zoom: Wednesday, April 26 and Tuesday, May 16 from 12:15-13:15h CET

Questions? Get in touch with the Circle Business Guides:
Valerie Asch +63 917 791 19 77,
Matti Straub-Fischer +41 79 345 28 28,

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We have been working with SMEs and start-ups since 1996. We have trained KaosPilots in Switzerland and in South Africa for a decade and have launched our NEW BUSINESS training in 2015 for entrepreneurial spirits.

And now with our Circle Business-Model, we have a framework that can help commited teamplayers and young entrepreneurs worldwide to dream and transform their current business structures into new circle ways of communication and working together on same eye-level. And for start-ups to launch their business-initiatives differently and more in balance with our Planet Earth.

We have applied our tools and methods in various fields of business, education and communities. We are happy and proud that the tools work in every organization and that every team that uses these tools is able to create a unique business structure with its own diverse colours and shapes.