Making your business regenerative

Regenerative business structures are essential for start-ups and for more experienced companies and organizations in the different fields of life.

We offer you a roadmap and practical tools on how to make your business truly regenerative – meaning energy giving to all involved. Our experience from the past 30 years in supporting businesses and teams to grow and blossom can be of service for you and your people.

Are you interested in how this could look like for you?
Where are you at with your company when it comes to being regerative? What could be the next steps to take?
How to build a company that gives energy?
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Roadmap and tools to create a regenerative business structure or organization

Meet us at the fire!

We hold regular gatherings at the fire. We call these trainingfires. Everybody is welcome to join us at these fires - be that online or in person - and bring your curiosity and your questions, concrete needs and also concrete challenges you are experiencing and would love some support with.

For next trainingfires get in touch: Matti Straub-Fischer, Senior Consultant and Guide at 7Generations

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