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7 Generations is a tribe of regenerative transformers  and consultants. “Guardians of Transformation” is our global mastery training program for the new regenerative paradigm.
Are you hungry for change? We offer a powerful training in regenerative entrepreneurship & transformation – now online and all over the world
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We are 7 Generations, a tribe of regenerative transformers. With “Guardians of Transformation” we offer a global mastery training program for regenerative entrepreneurship & transformation. Here you train yourself to become a courageous Guardian for transformation to a new paradigm with a vibrant Planet Earth.

Why we need to train ourselves in regenerative
entrepreneurship & transformation

In many places on this planet as a human species we are currently using 3 planets worth of resources to create and sustain our lives. And we have only 1 Mother Earth available. Most of us are doing the math and we are realizing that things need to shift and change. And yet, while most of us are aware that we need to change the ways we live and especially how we do business, most of the decisions being taken every day in the working world are short-term-oriented.

The transformation that is needed requires us to shift from trying to use our brain to analyze everything to moving to our hearts and make courageous decisions from this instinctual place in our chest that takes in a much larger field of how to nurture and feed ourselves and the people and life all around us.

We need to shift from the pyramidical power structures that we have created for many decades now and re-create balance on same eye-level with all involved. This requires experience, skills and a mindset for self-organizing and self-responsible business and organizational structures. Also for centuries we have pursued business in very masculine performance and success-oriented ways with money as the uberpower and pressure in our lives.

These structures have not and will not be able to grow in sustainable ways. So we need to find more balanced, healthy and strong ways of growing our businesses where the masculine and feminine principles are both honoured.

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Before Covid19 came, we held #regenerationdays at our Headquarters in Bern, so people could experience us physically. We are now adjusting to these new times of lockdown and we are evolving our training plan and program to meet the new requirements of being at home anywhere on this planet. Our new design will invite you to create small local training groups of 4-20 people who are eager to learn more about regenerative entrepreneurship and becoming facilitators and midwives of transformations.

We will offer you our Online Academy with our tools and methods for inspiring project and business development in all fields of life. And we guide and mentor you with our Senior Consultants across the globe. It starts with a first person feeling the yearning to break thru the shell... is that maybe you or someone you know of?

We are working from our bases in Bern, Cape Town, Taipeh, the Philippines, Stockholm, and New Mexico.

With our experience of running the international bachelor training program in enterprising leadership with the KaosPilots Switzerland from 2010 to 2020, the Intercultural Navigator as a project- and leadership training program and NEW BUSINESS as a training further education for more seasoned entrepreneurs, we are excited to being able to offer this cutting edge training for entrepreneurs and changemakers to the world now.

With kind regards,

Matti Straub-Fischer, Senior consultant and founder

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