Meet the People of 7Generations – Matti Straub-Fischer

With a passion to create inspiring teams and communities Matti Straub-Fischer, founder and one of the Senior Consultants and Guides of 7Generations, has moved towards living into regenerative entrepreneurship & structures. Creating and supporting organizations that give more energy than it takes out.  

Fascinated by questions such as: what would businesses, schools and education look like if it were designed and built by nature? What if it was organic, sustainable, and regenerative? Not just lasting long but giving more energy to everyone involved? What would this look like?  

Watcht the full interview with Matti Straub-Fischer by Valerie Asch here:

7Generations started in 1998 and in 23 years it has grown, evolved and collaborated with seekers, changemakers, and organizations across the globe. Yearning to find different ways on how to collaborate in both the business and education world. In ways that are both innovative and nurturing. Hungry to learn how to consistently show up with authenticity in day to day life. Ready to transform patterns and processes that no longer foster growth and newness. As 7Generations learned and grew from their experiences  it continued to stay anchored on the dream to help teams and organizations to self-organize and work on the same eye-level. A circular and non-hierarchical way of working together. A zero company model.  

Like the diversity of the birds in the sky, in 7Generations one can find a beautiful biodiversity of consultants, guides and facilitators. Coming from different countries, backgrounds and passions, the unique flight pattern of each individual is recognized and respected. The common thread lies in the commitment to tend to one’s inner garden, sharing stories and learnings with one another with the intent to mirror the light to each other.  Consistently holding the question is what we’re doing giving energy? How will this impact 7Generations down the line?

The drive to support regenerative, self-organizing and transformative growth are based on Earth Wisdom from the Delicate Lodge Teachings. Where a “bundle” of knowledge and tools are used to access the deep joy of living a full and balanced life as an individual nested in many different contexts and groups. Asking how can we co-live and co-create an existence that is meaningful and fun whether it be in ourselves, families, teams, projects and organizations?

As these questions are held 7Generations shows up with initiatives such as:

Transforming Business & start ups

Transforming Education

Transforming Communities

Transforming Health Care

Transforming Tourism

Transforming ICT

Transforming Teamplay

On the 25th May 2021 19h-22h (CET)  we will have an online info-gathering (Cornplanting). We would love to meet you and for you to get to meet us.

To register you can click on the link below:

It would be a big pleasure to connect and explore new ways of collaboration that give more energy than it takes.  


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