Coaching Corner

Our Spring Gatherings from March to June 2021 will take place every 2 weeks on Wednesday evenings, from 20:45-22:15 CET / Swiss time:

March 24th
April 7th
April 21st
May 5th
May 19th
June 2nd
June 16th
An invitation for trainers and coaches of teams
What are you dreaming for your team?
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A training series for Coaches & Trainers also in 2021 – sign up for 3 months at the time

How satisfied are you with your team?
How is their teamplay evolving on and off the field?
How are you guiding and supporting each of your players, your entire team and the people around you and your team?
Does your training and coaching give you the energy you need and want for yourself?

The Coaching Corners are an opportunity to get inspiration, connection and support for your working with your teams and young talents. Working on your challenges, your dream projects and co-creating highly motivational trainings and ways to hold and guide your people on the field and in daily life. Are you ready to move to the next level?

Coaching Corner – learn, share & grow

We are bringing our own experience as teamplayers, as coaches and guides to these Coaching Corners in the TeamPlay Academy. What we have learnt in soccer, icehockey and other teamsports over the years, we have combined with an ancient teaching tradition from the Northern parts of the Americas, the Delicate Lodge Teachings. This is an ancient wisdom bundle from people who have lived with nature, and who have moved and lived together in smaller and larger teams. The wisdom of how to be together, to learn, to grow and to deal with challenges and conflicts in a good way, is the essence of these ancient tools and maps for our human consciousness to evolve and blossom today and tomorrow.

Are you hungry for more depth and learning more about teamplay? We are excited to seeing you!

Your Coaching Corner Guides

Matti Straub-Fischer (Switzerland), Fredrik Petterson (Sweden), and Julie Clausen (Denmark), 7Generations TeamPlay Academy

Coaching Corner is a training offer by the TeamPlay Academy for coaches and trainers in teamsports, primarely Soccer and Icehockey:

Plan the new year, dream the new year with your team / Dream your Team!

The 4 first Coaching Corners will take place in the winter time and will help you to prepare yourself and your team for how to dream and re-invent yourself in new ways for the new year and season.

November 25, 20:45 - 22:00
December 29th, 20:45-22h
January 27th, 20:45-22h
February, 17th, 20:45-22h

Training fee: CHF 180.- / SEK 1800.- for the 4 times

We will be gathering on zoom and when you have signed up, we will send you the link. Should you need additional support and input for your training and preparations with your team, let us know. We will gladly find ways on how to best support you and your team!

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