Toolbox: Starting your school

Are you planning on starting your own school? Then it is helpful to have 3 things: a clear picture on what your school should look like when it is alive and kicking with learners, a strong and diverse team with different talents and skills and a clear plan for your next steps – both how to get students and how to create the money inflow.

We have been educational entrepreneurs for more than 25 years in Switzerland and all over the world. We have launched the KaosPilots Switzerland in Bern and with an external classroom in Cape Town, South Africa from 2010 to 2020. And for many years we have been asked to support educational initiatives as consultants, trainers and guides – especially to bring in our own model of the circle business structure, the Zero-Company Model for educations worldwide.

This Toolbox is one of the many fruits of our work which we gladly share with you. And we are here if you need support or help with your next moves or dealing with challenging situations.
Key maps and tools to starting your educational structure with your people.
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Are you wanting to start your own school?

In Switzerland alone, in 2020 every week a new school was founded. Often by frustrated parents who wanted something else for their children. Building a school is serious business and it requires a dream, a strong team with multiple talents and skills and a good plan. But most of all, you need a long breath. Because success in the education business does not come easy.

With our experience of having realized the KaosPilots School in Switzerland and with an external classroom in Cape Town, South Africa, and over the years having supported and consulted many school teams and educational entrepreneurs in their setting up, fundraising and calling in the necessary people to get started successfully, we also have a solid background in organizational and team development which we can offer you both with our toolbox and our guidance and mentoring.

Our toolbox holds the key maps and tools, methods and tricks to make your way thru the jungle of administration, parents' conversations, team quarrels, funding pains and online promotion challenges as well as it will help you to keep things simple when you will be confronted with all the unnecessary stuff that somebody might want to sell you because you are now a school.

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You can buy the toolbox "Starting your own school" with a toolbox and the fieldmanual for starting your own school as a regenerative circle business with our Zero-Company Model.

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