What this personal development training program has offered since more than 30 years to more than 2000 participants from all areas of life and work across the globe can be expressed in overarching learnings and benefits and personal gains.

Here are some of the strengths and benefits of this powerful training that has been recognized by organizations, companies and management educations as a powerful training dojo to change limiting patterns and beliefs – as individuals and as entire teams.
Unique, healthy and open-minded personalities ready to support and lead.
What this powerful personal training journey is offering

- Learn about your own gifts and tap into the unique nature of who you are.
- Learn how to remove anything that stops you from living into your full potential.
- Use the tools to respond to Life in a holistic way, evoking creative potential within the Self, a tribe or an organization.
- Know how to see the power and the potential danger of any given action.
- Develop practices that evokes people’s will and ability to maintain and balance all the territories of their own lives and those that an organization or community holds.
- Incorporate advanced leadership tools for assessment, strategy and decision-making to enable a clear, quick response to any given situation.

Support a Council Guide in Training

Do you want to support a Council Guide in training who is challenged to come up with the tuition fee? We are appreciating your donation and generous support. You can use the link below for a partial scholarship of CHF 300.-

For more information, please contact Matti Straub-Fischer, Guide for Council Guide Trainings in Switzerland.


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