Council Guide Training

The Council Guide training offers ancient Earth Wisdom from the Delicate Lodge Teachings to participant who are yearning for going beyond the surface of personal development and the power of human being together and collaboration.  

This certification pathway offers many powerful tools and methods to access our inner strengths and to connect to all of life around us to create balance, healing and regeneration.

What can we learn from Mother Earth on how to grow ourselves in courageous and organic ways? How can we overcome self-limiting patterns and beliefs? What is needed to live a life without fear, stress and judgement?
CGTSUI11 starting October 9-14, 2022
This training will be in person at the the fire and out in nature.
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Next Cornplantings (info event):
Wednesday, August 29th, from 12:15h to 13:30 Swiss time / CET (online with Zoom).
Sign up with an e-mail to Matti Straub-Fischer.

COVID-19: We are prepared and have created a concept that allows our training group to be safe and in alignment with the Swiss federal health requirements. We are maintaining good distances, are outside in fresh air and where applicable, we use masks.
For questions regarding your health and well-being, please get in touch with the Guides. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We will gather on the arrival day between 16-17h in the Gantrisch.

Ceremony 1: October 9-14, 2022 in the Gantrisch and with other local teams in Turkey and Camiguin Island in the Philippines.
Ceremony 2: January 8-13, 2023
Ceremony 3: April 16-21, 2023
Ceremony 4: July 9-14, 2023
Ceremony 5: tbc in October 2023
Ceremony 6: tbc in January 2024
Ceremony 7: tbc in April 2024
Ceremony 8 tbc in July 2024
Ceremony 9: tbc in October 2024 Yucatan

The final Ceremony 9 will be held in a beautiful nature resort in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, the land from where this tradition originally came.

Venue for the Training in the Swiss Alps

After 10 years where we held our training circles on Schweibenalp, we are now moving into the Gantrisch region near Bern. The Gantrisch mountains are a stunning and wild landscape with a protected regional nature park.

We care for a balanced nutrition and are happy to collaborate with our Chef Heissam Serage and his team from Prima Luna in Bern for our food.


The price for this two year training is divided in four parts:
1: Tuition for the teaching
2: Accommodation
3: Web-based forum
4. Travel and expenses for the 9th ceremony in Tulum / Mexico

1: The tuition is USD 11’900.- USD.- for the 2,5 year programme with 9 x 5 days.The payment is done in Swiss Francs to our Postfinance account.

2: The price for the venue per ceremony including full board vegetarian food. All price are pr. night. There are different options for accommodation:
Own tent: CHF 85
Shared room (4-6 people): CHF 115
Double room: CHF 135
Single room: CHF 145

3: In addition to this there’ll be a fee of CHF 100 per person to cover the costs of the web-based forum. This is due in the beginning of the training for the entire training.

4. For the last training ceremony week, we will be in Tulum/Mexico in the old land of where these teachings have their origins.
Travels to Cancun cost approximately CHF 1000 – 1500.- early bookers get cheaper tickets. This last ceremony week is designed as a collaborative fundraising as a circle, so that everybody can make it there.


Participants commit to attending all nine ceremonies and to integrate 40 specific tools and practices into their daily life. To deepen the learning from each ceremony, the participants work on assignments in between ceremonies and report back on their learnings and questions. Members of the training circle support each other for their growth and learning.

The commitment during the 3 months in between ceremonies includes a daily practice and self-reporting (about one hour a day), and a learning report every 2 weeks as well as regular communication within the learning teams.

Participants are required to have email and web access. We use a password protected website as the virtual space to receive assignments, post reports, share learnings and to stay connected between our face-to-face ceremony times.

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