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Explore the inspiring events and gatherings from the Council Guide Training and the Delicate Lodge Teachings in Bern, New Mexico and in other places where we are active around the globe. We are also offering seasonal ceremonies to celebrate the shift and changes of the Seasons (Kiva Vigil Ceremony for the Winter moons in December, Spring Equinox in the end of March, SunDance in June and August and Fall Equinox in the end of September. For more information get in touch with DawnJaguar.

Start the Council Guide Training CGT SUI 12 Landguet Ried, Bern, Switzerland
October 1-6, 2023

Do you want to learn how to use your emotional powers to grow yourself? Then joining this powerful personal development training with the ancient Earth wisdom of the Delicate Lodge Teachings will be an inspiring and deep learning journey for you.
If you want to participate in an introduction ceremony, you can join the "Moving from me to WE" Ceremony with WhiteEagle Woman and CGT SUI 10 in April from 16-19th, 2023 near Bern, Switzerland. Contact: DawnJaguar.
Or join on of the Mindfulness Weekends on Camiguin Island in the Philippines June 10-13, 2023. Contact: Valerie Asch.

Prayer Dance – United States, Potters Farm/Wisconsin, June 16-25, 2023

“Prayer Dance” is the annual Sundance Ceremony of the One Heart Circle (OHC). It is our Solstice ceremony at the height of summer. Many versions of Sundance are held around the world, and this one is of the Delicate Lodge tradition with WhiteEagle Woman.
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Sundance – Anatolia, Olive Farmland, near Izmir, August 18-27, 2023

SunDance is a time where together we give all our dance, songs, words and prayers back to life. Many versions of Sundance are held around the world, and this one is of the “Delicate Lodge” tradition with WhiteEagle Woman from New Mexico.
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Kiva Vigil Ceremony – a night at the fire: December 15/16, 2023

at Lanzenhäusern, Gantrisch, Bern with DawnJaguar and SilverHeron. For more information contact: DawnJaguar.