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Transforming Start-ups is an initiative by 7Generations and partners to grow your business idea into regenerative ways.

Make use of our Online Academy and our Incubator Programs in Bern and Cape Town.
- Dreaming of a new way to start up your business adventure?
We help you to grow a regenerative start-up & have fun!
Start-ups have for decades try to make quick money and success.

Here is an introduction of how to grow your business idea in regenerative ways

What if your business were here for 7 generations?


Starting a business is an inspiring process for individuals and entire teams to bring out the best for a new purpose and need in this world.

The NEW BUSINESS training for regenerative entrepreneurship is a hands-on training for young people entering into the working world.

The NEW BUSINESS training enables the participants to find and develop their business and project ideas, talents and skills in both a large international group and small learning teams to create the necessary depth and solid results.
The training offers tools and processes that the participants can apply in different fields of work and life to create meaningful impact and generate income. From visionary development to learn how to network and create partnerships and sell a service or product in a way that fits the personal abilities and nature in unique forms.

In the training modules the participants will present their business ideas for a start-up and growth-check and get mirrors and feedback from the senior consultants and peers of 7Generations and specific experts from their field of work.
Every participant gets a personal guide who offers regular support and mentoring and contacts to network partner when needed.
In collaboration with  7Generations, the participants can also do an apprenticeship program in our offices in Switzerland and the Philippines if they choose to do so. This enhances the business understanding of working in a self-organizing business environment to foster both personalities and their ideas and projects in both local and international contexts.

Training Dates:
29. Sept. - 1. Oct. "Kick off NEW BUSINESS"

17. & 18. Nov. "Module 2.1: Mindfulness, Personal Development and Skill training"
08. & 09. Dec. " Module 2.1: Mindfulness, Personal Development and Skill training"

05. & 06. Jan. "Module 3.1: How to make Prototypes"
26. & 27. Jan. "Module 3.2: How to make Prototypes"

09. & 10. Feb. "Module 4.1: Communicating unfinished business"
23. & 24. Feb. "Module 4.2: Communicating unfinished business"

09. & 10. Mar. "Module 5.1: How to create a strong team"
23. & 24. Mar. " Module 5.2: How to create a strong team"

13. & 14. Apr. "Module 6.1: Finding partners and resources"
27. & 28. Apr. "Module 6.2: Finding partners and resources"

11. & 12. Mai "Completion & celebration"

Training costs
The training fee per participant is CHF 5200.- / 4000 pounds. The fee is due by September 19, 2022. If you need a payment plan, please get in touch. We are not sending people away for a lack of money.
The training allows the participants to have a job of 80-90% next to the training.
The NEW BUSINESS training is a solid foundation for participants who want to enter for the 4 year mastery training program “Guardians of Transformation” focussing on Regenerative Entrepreneurship & Transformation, a part-time-further education by 7Generations worldwide.

Is the NEW BUSINESS training program for you?
Do you like to learn in creative and inspiring ways, accessing both your cognitive abilities as well as your spiritual, physical, emotional and heartpowers? Do you like to apply ideas into practical manifestations, if you like prototyping and working together with others in teams? Then this training could be for you.

Requirements for the NEW BUSINESS training program
You need to really be hungry for your own growth and this training. Show us your appetite and why this training journey gives meaning to you in a 2-3 minute video message with yourself. This can include your project or business ideas that you would like to bring into the training.
Fill in the application form on our website and respond to the few questions we have for you.

You need to be:
• 18 years of age or older
• fluent in English in speaking, understanding and writing, as this will be our working language.
• able to access a computer for our online training sessions once a week for 2,5 hours and have a more or less stable and reliable internet connection.
• willing to bring your own project and business ideas
• able and willing to travel to a local training team in your vicinity* and be there for the 2 days for every module part. This will enhance your learning experience and will give you the possibility to get to know new people who are interested in similar dreams and ideas
• be willing to explore your own abilities and go beyond your current comfort-zone

*currently we are planning to have local teams and teamleaders in Bern, Switzerland, Cape Town, South Africa, Stockholm, Sweden and Camiguin Island, Philippines.
As we are still dancing in some countries with the Covid-virus, we will do all we can to promote an inviting and healthy environment for you and all participants. Should a physical gathering not be within national requirements for some of our local teams.
As a mindfulness and entrepreneurship training program with high ambitions, we invite you to abstain from alcohol and drugs during our modules.

We recommend you to join one of our info-gatherings to learn more about the training program.

Are you interested or have questions for us? You can reach us over the sign up form.
We're looking forward to hear from you!

Want to know more? Here you can find more details on the Programm.

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We have been working with start-ups since 1996, we have trained KaosPilots in Switzerland and in South Africa for a decade and now with our Zero-Company Model we have a framework that can help young entrepreneurs worldwide to dream and launch their businesses differently and more in balance with our Planet Earth.

We also offer an incubator at the Innovationsdorf Bern and online for start-up teams worldwide to join us for a powerful training and mentoring process from the dreaming phase to grow strong roots and fruits as a large tree that brings joy and shade to the entire neighbourhood for you.

Do you want to hear more about our incubator program?
Robyn Fisher (Cape Town), Matti Straub-Fischer (Bern) and Francisco Acosta (Bern and Bogota) are looking forward to hearing from you.

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