Team Spirit

Teamspirit is the inner fire of any team working on achieving something together.

How can I and we together feed this fire to burn bright and not only inspire ourselves but also attract people who want the same thing like we do?

Tending to your team spirit requires dedication, joy and skill. All things you can learn and practice in your team – no matter whether you are working in business, in sports, education or as a part of a community.
- learning to care for your team-fire
We can guide you and your team to become great fire-keepers
A strong Team Spirit is the result of how you and your team members are bringing themselves in:

An introduction to what Team Spirit is and how you can grow it

How to create a strong Team Spirit for our Team?

When you want to strengthen your Team Spirit for a team, it all starts with perception of where are we at now? How is our Team Spirit in this moment? What can you describe?

Team Spirit is the combination of two powerful images and words: TEAM and SPIRIT.

Team is defined in various areas in life as a dedicated group that is aiming towards a collective goal or dream – for example a sports team that wants to win a championship and play well together.

Spirit is the expression of the Fire in us humans. It is our inner Fire that keeps us burning bright, allowing us to express our spirit force and bringing the light into our world.

Team Spirit is like a community fire we are starting and then need to care for as the team goes thru various weather, wind and challenges that sometimes absorbs our focus and energies elsewhere. Therefore becoming good firekeepers is a key skill for any teammember also in a self-organizing organization where everyone holds the rotating leadership role and needs to practice and pay attention to the team fire throughout the days.

Sitting around our team fire also requires every member of our team to share his or her learnings, and to speak our truth. That is no small thing and often in team this aspect gets forgotten for a while and needs to be fought for to re-establish again.

Team Spirit requires us to look into what agreements are needed with ourselves as individuals and among us as a team to keep this collective fire burning bright. An agreement is not a rule or a law. It is an agreement between human beings to support the bright fire and the team being able to live into its purpose and being on track with its goals.

In our working with teams we teach you how to use the 4 Pillars of Self-Organizing Teams and Organizations. Agreements is the first of these 4 Pillars.

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At 7Generations we have been training and guiding teams since 1996 all over the world to become strong, healthy and self-organizing for the highest good of all involved.

We have over these years developed our own model for regenerative business structures. The Zero-Company Model will help you to keep your Team Spirit high and to reach ambitious meaningful goals together as ONE.

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